This panorama tour will give you an overview of the capital’s most interesting and emblematic sights. We will visit the historic city centre, the City West and the newly constructed quarters.


Cold War and Berlin Wall. After the reunification the city of Berlin put into place a memorial walking path on the former site of the Berlin Wall, and named it Berliner Mauerweg. I invite you to visit with me its most interesting and moving sites as well as the hot spots of the Cold War. This itinerary is particularly well suited for a bike tour.


Berlin has never had a ghetto. However Jewish life and culture were particularly present in some parts of the city more than in others. I invite you to visit the sites which from the Middle Ages are linked with the history of the Jewish Community of Berlin. During our walk we will also visit one of the oldest areas of the city centre, where the most important institutions of the Jewish Community were and are located.


At your choice. Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for a customised guided tour. I’ll be pleased to elaborate for you and individual itinerary to meet your interests.


Historic Quarters. The contemporary historic centre is mainly the result of the reconstruction after the Second World War. But there is still an original and true Berlin and you will find it in the quarters built for the blue-collar workers at the time of the industrial revolution. Today they are among the most interesting and cultural lively quarters of the city. A multicultural blend endangered by a slow but constant gentrification process. Very much liked for their graffitis, markets and market halls, their shops, their cafes and multicultural cuisine.


An excursion to Dresden is really worth while and the former ‘Florence on Elbe’ will reward you with its charms. Dresden sculptural skyline with its architectural jewels is maybe the most beautiful in Germany.  Perfect your stay adding to your walking tour the  visit of one of  Dresden magnificent art collections.


During your sojourn in Berlin you could grasp the opportunity to visit Potsdam. From Berlin Central Station it takes less than one hour to reach the capital of the Federal State of Brandenburg. The city is embedded in a dreamlike landscape made of rivers, lakes, Royal Palaces and Gardens. This harmonious ensemble of natural beauties, landscaped parks and architecture came into being between the beginning of the 17th and the middle of the 19th century and today is listed as a World Heritage Site. Visit historic Potsdam and savour the Potsdam-blend walking through its picturesque streets. Visit the beautiful Royal Palaces with their enchanting gardens and the sites where history was made.


In Berlin you will breathe the air of a capital,
in Dresden you will perceive the refinement of the Court of Saxony but in Leipzig you will
find a city moulded by trade, music and culture. Leipzig was predestined by its geographical
position to become one of the most important trading towns in northern Europe. The city’s trade
and sample fairs have always been international events which no business man could miss. Through the
industriousness of its citizens Leipzig became the most important town for the publishing and printing
sector in Germany. The love for music promoted the foundation of world-renowned musical institutions such
as the Gewandhausorchester and the Thomarer Choir and attracted outstanding musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach,
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Robert Schumann. You could round up the excursion paying a visit to the Bach Archive,
the Mendelssohn House, the City Museum or a visit to the Museum für bildende Künste. Reachable in one hour from Berlin Central Station.


Nuremberg was one of the most important cities of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation both from the political and the economical point of view. The myth of Nuremberg was born in the Romantic period and was based on the golden age of this city  as an international production and exporting  site of skilled crafts and trades, as one of the major centres of the German Renaissance art,  and last but not least as one of the meeting sites of  the Imperial Diet.

This myth has been abused by the nationalsocialists, who from 1933 to 1938 held here their  Party Rallies. But Nuremberg is also the city ot the Nuremberg trials. In the Palace of Justice between  November 20, 1945 and October 1, 1946 the leaders of the Nazi regime had to answer for their crimes before an International Military Tribunal.

A cautious and respectful reconstruction towards the historical heritage was able to recreate the ancient Nurnberg charm to some extent and you could experience its during a walking tour. Afterwards you could also pay a visit  to the Documentation Centre of  the Nazi Party Rally Grounds & to the Memorium, the Documentation Centre of the Nuremberg Trials.


During the walking tour in the historic centre, which has preserved the charm oft he 16th century, You will have the chance to meet some of the outstanding representatives of Renaissance in Germany: the Prince, the Painters, the Philosopher, and of course the Reformator.  Here in the cradle of Reformation you will enjoy the beautiful works of art which embody its spirit in the Stadtkirche and the Schlosskirche. A visit to one of Wittenbergs Museums could round up your stay if you whish to  learn more about its most illustrious citizens.

Tour fees

Tours in Berlin or Potsdam up to 3h

Tours in Berlin or Potsdam: 4h-8h

25,- € per hour

35,- € per hour

40,- € per hour

Excursion to Leipzig or Dresden: 10 hours

220,- € + travel expenses

260,- € + travel expenses

300,- € + travel expenses


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Maria Gastaldi Rößler

I was born in Italy and came to Germany in the beginning of the 80s to study at the Freie Universität. At that time I worked as a professional translator and interpreter.

Today I’m a DIN-certified tourist guide based in Berlin.

To be a tourist guide is a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. My aim as a dedicated tourist guide is to give each one of my guests the insider knowledge to understand the beat of this city.​

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